In regards to teachers:

  • To motivate them to share best practice in web-based teaching, to enable them to become confident and competent enough to create a collaborative, interactive classroom experience for their students through the use of the ICT;

  • To enable staff to engage in trans-European professional development activities, experience other education systems at work and exchange ideas of good practice; 

  • To encourage continued teachers` professional development.

In regards to students:

  • To maintain their efforts to find relationships between mathematics and their interests and abilities and also the practical use of mathematics through using active, interactive and web-based methods;

  • To promote virtual and blended mobility and other innovative learning and communication methods and to give young people an opportunity to interact with people across different social, cultural and national boundaries;

  • To develop their key competences and in particular communication in foreign languages, digital competence, learning-to-learn skills, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and cultural awareness and expression, and to encourage students to take the ownership of their own learning.

In regards to the collaborative work:

  • To build a partnership that supports learning and designs high-quality products to respond to partner schools` needs;

  • To disseminate the project results and outcomes to other interested parties (parents, teachers, schools, the wider community and across Europe).