• Addressing low achievement in basic skills through more effective teaching methods;

  • Supporting the implementation of the 2013 Communication on Opening Up Education;

  • Enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels.

Topics addressed:

  • Key Competences (incl. mathematics and literacy) - basic skills;

  • New innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses;

  • International cooperation, international relations, development cooperation.

We believe that use of innovative strategies, including ICT, will help motivate students to put efforts into learning mathematics. The project is also designed to help teachers realize the potential of innovative methodology using technologies in everyday classroom practice by investigating the added value of a collaborative approach in creating the e-learning platform.

In the process of achieving our core aim, we are going to produce concrete materials and units that would be introduced through workshops and different events to mathematics teachers from the partners` and other European countries. 

The partnership`s main final product is going to be an e-learning collaborative platform accompanied with promotional materials and a dissemination plan ensuring its sustainability.